Long Now Lab: Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet


Voor Veem House for Performance ontwikkel en faciliteer ik in het najaar van 2018 een reeks workshops: ‘Long Now Lab: Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet’

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Long Now Lab | Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet

If you wish to practice thinking beyond critique, to do propositions, want to slow down – away from the paranoid towards the reparative, quirky detour … → join the Long Now lab core group and commit to these four dates:

Oct 6, Oct 17, Nov 17th, Dec 15!

The Long Now refers to long term thinking and also to a consciousness that the present is already part of the future. We propose a laboratorium in the double meaning of a space where we can work together and as a space to experiment with bringing ideas and proposals into action.

Facing the complexities of a world in disturbance, we do realise that we need a long breath: How can we develop a sustainable attitude of co-living and relating in which you can endure your engagement, and stay with something for a long – longer perhaps than your own life – time?

The Long Now Lab #1 is a space for the further unpacking of concerns with relation to the arts of living on a damaged planet.

We invite a core group of 10 people to dive deeper in conversation, imagination and workshops. Exploring sustainability on the basis of a co-dependency of lifeforms invested in each other; with regards to (y)our everyday living and working conditions. In order to eventually turn common matters into critical and creative tools for sustainable ways of being.

We invite those (interested in) working on the cross-section(s) of ecology, art, politics, feminism, social imaginary and other domains you feel are urgent and relevant to bring to the table. The lab consists of four main sessions guided by program maker, doer en long-term thinker Evanne Nowak*.

We kick of on Saturday October 6th with a for this group private exercise in social imagination with performance artist and scholar Danae Theodoridou in her Imaginary Symposium (participatory version).

We further gather for few but stretched lab sessions on Wednesday Oct 17th and Saturday Nov 17th, and mind you, our guests and co-workers during these sessions will be also non-human beings and things!

On December 15th there is a public closing event for you to share your proposition(s) for the arts of living and sustainable engagements, followed by the screening of Storytelling for Earthly Survival the film by Fabrizio Terranova about thinker Donna Haraway, from who we took the motto for these 100 Days: stay with the trouble!

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